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When we launched the HomeTeam concept over 25 years ago, we began by asking the experts - real estate professionals - what they liked and didn't like about home inspection companies. Using that feedback, we created the most trusted and efficient home inspection company in North America. We bring a team of inspectors to the home, and once on site, each team member focuses on his or her area of expertise. Our approach leads to a more efficient and accurate home inspection. We're fast, we're trusted, and we're accurate. That's the HomeTeam promise.

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At HomeTeam, It's All About Teamwork

It's Part of the HomeTeam Difference

Each inspector on the team is called upon for his or her specific area of expertise. Together, our experts conduct a comprehensive whole house inspection all at one time, in about half the time.

After your home inspection is completed, you will receive a personal introduction to your home and a comprehensive narrative report containing vital information you will find valuable for years to come.

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We're a national brand that's performed countless home inspections and we offer additional inspections, inspection reminders and conveniences like online scheduling. Discover the HomeTeam difference in your area by typing your zip code in the box below.