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Water Testing

Water quality is very important. Poor water quality can lead to health problems, unpleasant taste and odor, costly treatment systems and more. While the law mandates that public water systems test and treat the water they provide on a regular basis, this testing only covers the water before it leaves the treatment plant. This water must then pass through miles of piping, some of which is in disrepair or contains lead, before it enters your home plumbing. If your water comes from your own well, your water is only tested when you have it done, or when your property is sold.

Well water can be contaminated with bacteria and chemicals. Common sources of contamination include: infiltration from septic systems, manure runoff, pet waste, road chemicals as well as dissolved chemicals naturally present in the groundwater such as calcium, sulphur, chloride or iron.  The EPA recommends well owners test their water annually or when they suspect a problem.  Wells should be tested for coliform bacteria, nitrate, total dissolved solids, pH and any other suspected contaminants.

The EPA Safe Drinking Water Act groups contaminants into two categories: Primary (those with health effects) and Secondary (those with aesthetic effects). It is possible to have water with no Primary contaminants above the recognized limits, but with Secondary contamination which imparts a bad taste, color or odor. Therefore your water may have off colors or tastes, but have no health risks.

HomeTeam can provide professional water testing.  All of our testing is performed through certified laboratories that will deliver accurate and timely results.

For more information visit this site: http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dpd/healthywater/factsheets/wellwater.htm


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