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Pool and Spa Inspections

Pool InspectionsSwimming Pools and Spas can be an enjoyable addition to any home.  Not only should the pool equipment be inspected for proper operation, but the equipment should be inspected to ensure it conforms to the proper safety parameters. Safety concerns include, faulty wiring, poorly attached ladders, failing steps, loose railings, dangerous diving boards, and unsafe deck surfaces.

In addition, other concerns Pool and Spa concerns include needed repairs or improvements to: pumps and heaters, liners, plumbing problems and more.

HomeTeam can provide you with a pool inspection that will identify safety concerns and proper operation of the pool equipment saving you lot of money on repairs and the aggravation of having a pool that you cannot safely use.  Adding a pool inspection to your whole house inspection fee is inexpensive and will be performed by a knowledgeable inspector.


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