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Why you Should Never Waive Your Home Inspection

Why you Should Never Waive your Home Inspection

A professional home inspection is recommended when purchasing a new house. It’s a great way to protect your investment and understand the condition of the property being purchased.

In a seller's market, it may be tempting to waive your inspection to secure the deal—but don't fall for this! Forgoing your inspection is risky and can lead to unexpected consequences.

One risk associated with skipping the inspection is missing potential safety hazards. There could be a slew of problems such as open circuits, loose handrails, and improper ventilation. Another risk is running into costly repairs. Without a home inspection, it’s difficult to determine what needs to be fixed or possibly replaced. The house could end up needing a new roof, HVAC system, or foundation work. These big-ticket items can add up quickly. It’s typically better to spend the money upfront on an inspection than to find out later the house requires thousands of dollars in repairs.

Aside from mitigating risks, there are benefits to receiving a home inspection. Even if there’s nothing wrong with the house, the inspection report provides insight about home maintenance like the condition and age of appliances. This information is ideal for planning purposes, which can give you an idea about replacement timelines and budget. A home inspection can also give more power to the buyer when negotiating with the seller. This allows them to point out items for the seller to repair or ask for a reduced price based on the findings of the inspection. An inspection can be leveraged in the home contingency too, providing an out for the buyer if the house is in poor condition.

Although home inspections aren’t legally required for a sale to go through, they are highly advised. The absence of one can lead to potential disasters.

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