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Mold Testing in Castle Rock, CO

Find Out if any dangerous Mold is Present in Your Home.

Mold is a serious threat to any home, but you can protect your family in Castle Rock, CO, by turning to a professional mold inspection service. HomeTeam Inspection Service knows what the warning signs are of mold, and we can look for underlying factors as well as any active growth. Our goal is to keep your home safe today and help you keep it safe in the future.

We invite you to discover the HomeTeam difference. Call (303) 622-5627 to learn more or schedule your inspection online.

We’re trusted as a national brand that’s performed countless home inspections. We protect home buyers, home sellers, and Real Estate Professionals alike. You cannot always see the mold, but we’re ready to check those areas that are difficult to reach, like behind baseboards, under wallpaper, and even inside walls.

You can rely on us to:

  • Conduct swab or air tests for mold
  • Provide you with a comprehensive report that’s easy to read
  • Work with an EPA-Certified lab to identify the level and type of mold in the property

Explore our additional services - and know your home is a safe place. Our mold inspection service is designed to examine beyond the surface in order to provide you with the most accurate information.

We offer services throughout Castle Rock and the surrounding areas, so call HomeTeam Inspection for service today or schedule your inspection online.

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