Commercial Property Inspections

If you’re buying or selling a home, get valuable information about the structure by inviting a property inspector to assess it. HomeTeam Inspections offers services to people throughout Chattanooga, TN. Our punctual and professional staff pays close attention to detail in order to provide you with highly accurate information.

We have teams of experts, and each individual will focus on his or her area of expertise. The group works together so that you only need to schedule one appointment. Our whole-house inspections cover more than 400 points, and we finish the work in about half the time of a regular inspection. We want you to benefit from our:

  • General home inspections
  • Commercial inspection services
  • Radon inspections

Our Chattanooga team is looking forward to working with you. We have convenient appointments, so call our property inspector before you put a home on the market or go to closing on a purchase. We’re accurate with our systematic approach and comprehensive reports—delivered through cloud-based technology. Allow HomeTeam Inspections to go through the home and inspect everything from the foundation to the rafters so that you can make more informed decisions.

Side view of a commercial building

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