Sprinkler and Irrigation System Inspections in Louisville, KY

Scheduling a sprinkler inspection before you purchase a residential or commercial property in Louisville, KY, is a great way to save time and money in the future. At HomeTeam Inspection Service, our professional inspectors are trained to assess all visible aspects of a sprinkler system as well as those that may be hidden underground. We can pinpoint leaks, explore anomalies, and walk you through our findings.

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Our clients are partners in the process, which is why we take a personal approach on each and every project. If you're wondering how your sprinkler system works, our team would be happy to come out to your location and walk you through the process. We'll carefully look at every component of your system from the controllers and connections to the sprinkler heads and drains. We'll do our best to identify any possible leaks.

HomeTeam Inspection Service knows how to handle sprinkler inspections in Louisville and Southern Indiana. If you'd like to be certain that your system is working as it should, call and request your appointment.

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