Radon Testing in West Cincinnati

Breathe Easy. Verify the Air Purity in Your Home.

Avoid potential health hazards in your home by getting a radon inspection from a trusted company like HomeTeam Inspection. Radon is a natural gas that has no taste and smell, and it can't be seen. It’s also a leading cause of lung cancer. We provide services to residents in Cheviot, OH and our goal is to ensure that your home is safe.

According to the EPA, one in 15 US homes is affected by elevated levels of radon. It can appear in homes through cracks, drains, well water, and more. We make it easy to get your home evaluated because we offer:

  • Simple and fast testing
  • Accurate reports
  • A quick response

Because you won’t be able to tell if your house is affected, it is important to get a radon inspection. Our West Cincinnati office employs punctual, professional staff known for high-quality work. Contact us at HomeTeam Inspection to set up a time for us to come out to your home.

Radon on the periodic table of elements

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