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Posts from 2016

  • Why Didn’t the Inspector Catch it? “My contractor came over, and he said my home inspector should have caught this…” This can be a very confusing situation for a homeowner. Usually the contractor is there because of some issue that has arisen, and in the course of the repair or replacement he may make a ... Continue Reading
  • Vacant Homes I want to spend a little time on the sale of vacant homes. As a seller, definitely consider having the home staged. I’m sure we’ve all been in a vacant home before, and there is no getting around the fact that they just feel empty and perhaps a little lonely. That’s not the ... Continue Reading
  • How to Choose the Right REALTOR HomeTeam Inspection Service performs nearly 2,000 home inspections each year in Louisville and Southern Indiana, and we work with a LOT of real estate agents. As a result, we get to see up close and personal some of the good and not so great in the industry. We all have ... Continue Reading
  • Finding a Good REALTOR in Louisville, KY or Southern Indiana Perhaps I should have titled this blog, “Make sure you USE a REALTOR,” because so many people have an idea they can save money by skipping the agent. This is simply not true, and I need to be completely open with you regarding some of my past deeds and poor choices. Way back ... Continue Reading
  • Mold You have mold in your home. Wait- before you run out of the house screaming, please remember that mold is ubiquitous. The nice smell of fall leaves is actually the smell of decay and … mold. The real question with your home is this: do I have harmful mold spores in ... Continue Reading
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