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Septic System Evaluations in Doylestown, PA

Periodic inspections are an important part of septic system maintenance, helping you extend the life of your system and avoid expensive repairs. At HomeTeam Inspection Service in Doylestown, PA, we conduct thorough septic tank inspections to ensure your septic system is functioning properly and detect problems before they become a major ordeal.

For fast, trusted, accurate inspections, allow HomeTeam to ensure your peace of mind. Call (215) 798-8022 to learn more or schedule your inspection online.

Taking the Effort out of Septic Tank Maintenance

Did you know that when the septic tank has reached one-third of its capacity, it should be pumped? Allowing sludge to accumulate in your septic tank could result in damage to your septic system, and a backup of wastewater that causes greater problems for your property. HomeTeam Inspection Service septic tank inspectors know what to look for, and when you schedule inspections with us, we’ll help ensure that septic tank maintenance is effortless on your part.

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