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Know Your Business Property as Well as You Know Your Business

If you are a business owner, you may also consider your commercial property a second home, as you spend quite a bit of time there. When you purchase or lease your building, it’s integral that you know your property’s current condition. HomeTeam Inspection Service is here to help you make the best decision and to protect your investment by providing the highest quality and most professional inspection available.

A commercial building and property inspection is a process of assessing the condition of a commercial building and its associated property. The aim of this inspection is to identify any physical defects or damages that may affect the safety and/or value of the building and its associated property. This type of inspection is most commonly conducted by a qualified building inspector or surveyor.

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Assessing the Condition of Commercial Buildings and Property with a Building Inspection

During a commercial building and property inspection, the inspector will assess the overall condition of the building and its assets. This includes a review of the building’s structure, building materials, systems and components, as well as any potential safety hazards. The inspector will also assess the condition of the property itself, including any landscaping, fences, and other structures on the property.

The inspector will then prepare a report that outlines any issues that were identified during the inspection. This report will include details of any potential safety risks or other issues that could affect the value of the building and its associated property.

Commercial property building inspections are important for both buyers and sellers of commercial property. By conducting a thorough inspection, buyers can identify any potential issues that could impact the value of the property.

Who Performs a Commercial Building Inspection?

The HomeTeam Inspection Service performs commercial building inspections. These include certified professionals such as inspectors who conduct a thorough evaluation of the structure and identify any potential issues or defects that may exist.

What Is The Goal Of a Commercial Building Inspection?

The goal of a commercial building inspection from HomeTeam Inspection Service is to provide an objective, thorough evaluation of the condition of a commercial property. Our experienced inspectors will inspect all aspects of the structure and its systems, making sure that any deficiencies or potential problems are identified and reported in our detailed report. We strive to give you peace of mind about your investment by providing comprehensive information so you can make informed decisions about the condition of your commercial property.

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Our team of inspectors is well-equipped to provide inspections for:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Retail centers
  • Churches
  • Condo complexes
  • Multi-story office buildings

Personalized Attention

At HomeTeam, we are committed to your satisfaction. We’ll happily customize our services to fit your needs.

These inspections and assessments may include:

  • Commercially-qualified HVAC experts
  • Structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers
  • 3-phase electrical inspections

You’ll be able to make a well-informed decision about your property with the help of our extensive, in-depth report.

One Call Does It All. With one call you can schedule all available inspections and testing necessary for your area.

Fast. Trusted. Accurate.

When you schedule an inspection with HomeTeam Inspection Service, you’re not just getting a single inspector—you’ll get a well-qualified team who will thoroughly inspect your property. With one call, we’ll handle everything so that you won’t have to rely on several inspectors. We use advanced technology that allows us to be faster and more accurate than our competitors.

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