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Scott Whitbeck, Owner

  • Master Inspector
  • ASHI Certified Home Inspection 247878

Scott Whitbeck started his home inspection business in 2006 after moving his wife and three children to Colorado Springs from Southern California. Scott previously owned and operated a Plumbing Company in Quartz Hill, Ca. from 1990-2004. In addition Scott has also built and sold several new homes and has renovated several existing homes, which provides valuable home building experience and knowledge of homes and properties.

Scott's career has taught him the value of service, teamwork and professionalism, the two most distinguishing characteristics of HomeTeam.

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Brad Bingman, Master Inspector

  • Master Inspector
  • ASHI Certified Home Inspection 263899

Brad joined HomeTeam of Colorado Springs in July of 2015 with a background in Plumbing and Construction. Since 2015 Brad has performed over 2500 home inspections. Brad's dedication to the company and vision along with his knowledge, personality, experience and expertise has helped HomeTeam attain even higher standards of professionalism and client satisfaction.

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