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Sprinkler & Irrigation System Inspections

Ensure Your Sprinklers Always Keep Your Lawn Green

When was the last time you had your sprinkler system inspected? Irrigation leaks and failures can result in high water bills and costly damage to your property. If you’re in the process of purchasing a home with a sprinkler system, reach out to HomeTeam Inspection Service.

Our team would be happy to conduct a fast, reliable, and thorough inspection to ensure you get the most out of your new home. While most of your sprinkler system is located underground, we can assess the sprinkler operation.

  • HomeTeam can perform a visible sprinkler system inspection of the:
  • Sensors
  • Drains
  • Pressure differentials
  • Sprinkler head location
  • Connections
  • Controllers

We will also take extra precautions by inspecting your water meters to ensure there are no possible leaks.

One Call Does It All. With one call you can schedule all available inspections and testing necessary for your area.

Additional Useful Tips

After you purchase a home, we recommend periodically watching your sprinkler system in operation to assure proper spray angles and shutoff. HomeTeam also suggests that you have a professional remove all excess water from the lines before winter to avoid your waterline cracking from freezing.

Contact our team today to start your irrigation inspection!

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