How to Choose the Right REALTOR

HomeTeam Inspection Service performs nearly 2,000 home inspections each year in Louisville and Southern Indiana, and we work with a LOT of real estate agents. As a result, we get to see up close and personal some of the good and not so great in the industry.

We all have different personalities and needs, and the best agent for your friend may not be a good fit for you. Make sure the agent you choose to work with is a good fit.

Start with finding out how experienced they are. Do they work on a team? This can be a tremendous advantage in many cases. Other times people prefer to have one person take them through the entire process. Interview agents and find out whom you prefer.

Do they have a good working relationship with other REALTORs? This is important as you move into the negotiations phase since some agents have tremendous respect in the industry, and others do not. You can imagine the results of negotiations on either side of this coin.

Do they answer the phone? Many do not answer immediately since they may be with clients, but a good REALTOR will give you a return call or text within a reasonable period of time.

Very importantly, are they experienced? Do they do this full-time or just as a hobby? Real estate transactions can appear deceptively simple to the outsider. The longer I have been in this industry the more respect I’ve gained for REALTORs. Transactions can get messy and complicated, and a good, professional REALTOR is worth their weight in gold in circumstances like that.

Finally, a good agent will have a great network of others to help you through the process, professionals like closing attorneys, repairmen, home inspectors, and others. They are invaluable as you navigate the homebuying landscape, which can be both exciting and terrifying in its scale and potential for difficulty.

One last bit of advice- when looking for a home, do some homework on your own and respect the time of your agent. There is lots of information on the internet, and you can probably save yourself and your agent a ton of time by doing some of the background work on neighborhoods, schools, and other aspects of the potential purchase. Remember your REALTOR is trying to juggle lots of competing demands and clients, so be a serious buyer.

Happy house hunting!