Sewer Scoping & Inspections

Inspecting a Critical Component of Your Property

A sewer scope inspection is a video-recorded examination of a property’s lateral sewer line – the same privately-owned line that runs from your property to a city tap or septic tank. HomeTeam Inspection Service highly recommends this type of service to determine the condition of this critical component of your property.

Many homes 20 years old and older have sewer pipes made of clay and other materials that may be prone to breakage. Our goal is to help you avoid unpleasant plumbing surprises and costly repairs. With our 30+ years of experience and advanced sewer scoping equipment, we can assess the condition of your line and any damage it may have accrued.

For fast, trusted, accurate inspections, allow HomeTeam to ensure your peace of mind.

Detecting Damage

Whether you are moving into a new home, moving out of an old home, or working with a builder to construct your new home, it is critical to understand the condition of your sewer lines. There are a few ways our team of professionals determine the likelihood of a sewer problem.

Your sewer line may be damaged if there is:

  • Contamination in a water test
  • Backflow in your home
  • A damp depression in the lawn above your sewer line

We would be happy to perform a sewer scope service and line inspection in conjunction with your home inspection.

We follow a careful and precise process and use a team approach for every inspection we conduct, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.


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