Radon Mitigation Louisville, KY

Here’s the good news: radon mitigation is very straightforward. Remember the previous discussion about the negative pressure from the heating and cooling system drawing radon into the home? The “fix” is simply to move the negative pressure underneath the home by way of a small fan connected to 4-inch PVC.

A mitigation company will drill a 4”-diameter hole in the slab and will dig out about 2 feet of dirt underneath. They’ll place the PVC pipe in the hole and backfill with gravel, and they’ll then seal it so it is airtight. The pipe will extend upward to the exterior of the home where it will eventually meet up with a fan housing that will operate 24/7. The fan’s job is to suck air from under the home (in the soil) continuously. This small pressure differential is enough to divert much of the earth gases away from the home and keep radon from accumulating inside.

It’s a very simple concept, and it works like a champ. By the way, I have a radon mitigation system in my home, and I test it frequently to ensure it is functioning properly. It does.

A typical mitigation company will charge around $1,000 to install a system. Much depends on the configuration of the home, the amount of material, and the system installed, but that is a good figure to work from, although some companies offer systems for as little as $700 for basic setups.

So there you have it: as scary as some people like to have you believe radon can be, it’s a pretty straightforward system to reduce the radon levels in the home. We’ve tested many homes in Louisville and Southern Indiana that already had mitigation systems, and none of them have tested high for radon.

As always, check us out, or email us at hometeam@louisville.com if you need any information, or if you need a radon test or home inspection. Happy to talk you through the process or to set up an inspection to serve you.