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Lead Inspection and Testing Louisville KY

Studies have made positive correlations between lead and certain environmental hazards and health conditions. For a lead test and inspection of your home, contact the professionals at HomeTeam Inspection Service in Louisville, Kentucky. Our systematic approach to lead-based paint testing is always accurate and we quickly deliver comprehensive reports through cloud-based technology. You'll have easy access to the information you need and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with dealing with professionals.

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Dangers of Lead-Based Paint

Lead is highly toxic, especially to young children. When absorbed into the body it can cause damage to the brain and other vital organs, like kidneys, nerves and blood. It can also cause behavioral issues, learning disabilities, seizures, and death in extreme cases. Children typically become lead poisoned by putting their hands or other lead-contaminated objects into their mouths, eating paint chips or playing in lead-contaminated soil.

Environmental Dangers

Lead damages soil by hindering the breakdown of inorganic soil fragments, making soil more soluble and more readily available to be taken up by plants. Plants will absorb the lead from the soil and retain it within their roots. Lead pollution reduces the surface of the leaf and prevents light from reaching it, reducing the rate of photosynthesis and causing premature aging.

Animals can be affected by lead just like humans. Lead poisoning damages an animal's central nervous system and inhibits the ability to synthesize red blood cells. Consuming 2-8 mg of lead over an extended period of time will cause death in most animals. Grazing animals who consume forage and feed are directly affected by airborne lead and indirectly affected through the lead in plants' roots.

Count on HomeTeam in Louisville, Kentucky

Many homes built before 1978 contain some lead-based paint. Whether you have an older home that was built before federal regulations changed construction practices or not, our affordable spot-testing will help you determine if there is lead present on your property. This way you can make an informed decision about your next steps. Our team knows which areas of your home have the propensity to contain lead-based paint in at least one of the layers, so we will inspect those first.

You can depend on HomeTeam Inspection Service of Louisville when you need reliable lead inspections and testing. If you're buying a house or wondering about the conditions your family might be exposed to, we've got you covered.

To request your lead test and home inspection, call HomeTeam Inspection Service at any time or schedule your inspection online.

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