Radon Testing

Breathe Easy. Verify the Air Purity in Your Home.

Having a professional conduct a radon inspection on your home or business in Ashland, KY, can be a proactive way to create and maintain a safe and healthy living or working space. At HomeTeam Inspection Service, we've trained our staff to determine if your indoor air is safe.

Fast, Trusted, and Accurate

We'll conduct a detailed examination in the effort of determining if your home is safe for your children and your guests. We can quickly identify if there's a potential problem and help you determine how to proceed in a safe and cost-effective way. We pride ourselves on delivering punctual service, and we'll take a systematic approach to our inspections to ensure accuracy.

At HomeTeam Inspection Service, we feel that you deserve a safe property that's free from environmental hazards. To set up a good time for your radon inspection in Ashland, contact a member of our friendly staff today to schedule your appointment.

Radon on the periodic table of elements

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