Radon Testing

Breathe Easy. Verify the Air Purity in Your Home.

At HomeTeam Inspection in Warren, MI, we provide a full range of radon inspection services. We're trusted as a national brand that's performed countless home inspections. We protect homebuyers, home-sellers, and real estate professionals alike. We're proud to offer a reliable system to identify the presence of radon gas in properties.

Professional Radon Inspection

Fast, trusted, accurate, that's the HomeTeam promise. Radon can seep into your residence or commercial building through cracks, well water, floor drains, and even pores in the walls. Our testing techniques will be adjusted to the unique characteristics of your property. We’ll detect any elevated radon levels, and if present, we’ll mitigate the gas through a relatively simple remediation procedure.

The presence of radon in your home or business can change over time, so don’t leave the health and the safety of the people you care about to chance. Call HomeTeam Inspection today to learn more about the radon inspection services that we perform throughout the Greater Warren area.

Radon on the periodic table of elements

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