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Pyrrhotite / Crumbling Foundation Visual Inspections in Worcester

Pyrrhotite is a mineral containing iron and sulfur found in certain concretes. When exposed to water and oxygen the pyrrhotite breaks down, forming compounds that cause the concrete to expand and crack. This is very detrimental to a homes’ foundation. Foundations with this material have been found in homes throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut (and much of the northeast).

The damage to homes with pyrrhotite mineral within the foundation is irreversible and damaging to the entire structure. HomeTeam Inspection Service of Worcester (serving MA and CT) offers a visual inspection to review a foundation for signs of the crumbling issue. A report with information including photos of a representative number of cracks, length, width, and direction of the damage will be provided as well as exterior contributing factors. A HomeTeam inspector will determine whether the recommendation for further core testing is necessary.

WHAT IS CORE TESTING? Core testing is the process of drilling and extracting 4”-6” cylinders of concrete from the suspected foundation for analysis. The only way to fully confirm if the pyrrhotite mineral is present is to do a core test and have a lab analysis completed.

A visual inspection is often the first step. HomeTeam Inspection Inspectors have experience in finding this concerning issue within foundations throughout MA and CT. This visual inspection is an automatic included in all our whole-house inspections, however, can be ordered for a stand-alone appointment. Call the office for more information.

NOTE: HomeTeam does not perform core testing, however, we will refer you to trusted partners who do.

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