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Radon Testing in Lexington, KY

Breathe Easy. Verify the Air Purity in Your Home.

Because you and your family deserve a safe living space in Lexington, KY, you may want to schedule a routine radon inspection. At HomeTeam Inspections, we're trusted as a national brand that's performed countless home inspections. We protect homebuyers, home-sellers, and Real Estate Professionals alike. Our staff is punctual and professional, and we'll work to ensure you know that your indoor air is safe from radon.

We invite you to discover the HomeTeam difference. Call (859) 309-4268 to learn more or schedule your inspection online.

Fast, Trusted, Accurate, That's the HomeTeam Promise

We pride ourselves on our quick responses, and we're available seven days a week. Our inspectors have the diagnostic equipment and industry experience to determine if radon is in the air you breathe. We know that the colorless and odorless gas is the second-leading cause of lung cancer, so we're here to identify if the pollutant has entered your home from your crawl space or basement.

If you'd like to proactively ensure your property is safe, you may want to contact HomeTeam Inspections for your radon inspection in the Lexington area. We'll conduct a thorough check and prepare a quality report that highlights our findings.

Contact us to explore our additional services—and know your home is a safe place.

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