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Pest and Termite Inspections in Tampa, FL

Ensure your home is free of damaging pests.

A Tampa, FL, pest and termite inspection can be useful because even if your home was built using up-to-date, solid construction techniques, its structural integrity can be negatively affected by damage caused by unwanted intruders. You can count on HomeTeam Inspection Service to tell you if your property has been adversely affected by insects or other creatures.

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We can perform inspections for private individuals, and we also conduct them at the behest of insurance companies. One of the reasons it's important to hire us is because damage from insects often remains hidden until the problem costs thousands of dollars to repair. By engaging our timely, knowledgeable crew, you can find out about pest damage and take measures to undo it before it gets out of control. We'll strive to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time so that you don't have to wait long for the results.

HomeTeam Inspection Service is one of the premier choices in Tampa, FL, for pest and termite inspections. We believe in performing work of excellent quality to protect our clients' buildings. To learn more about the benefits of one of our inspections, give us a call.

A home with pest and termite damage

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