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Welcome to HomeTeam of South Pittsburgh, where we empower home buyers, sellers, and real estate agents with the information they need to make confident decisions. Our Pittsburgh inspectors customize our inspections to accommodate the unique needs of each property, and in addition to our home inspections, we also offer indoor air quality testing, mold inspections, pest and termite inspection, radon testing, and more. Having an inspection conducted is one of the most important steps in the buying or selling process, and we’ll make sure we cover every inch of your property.

Why Are Home Inspections Important?

An inspection is an integral part of the real estimate buying and selling process. A professional inspection can cover everything from the top of your roof to the basement and everything in-between to determine the physical state of the property. In many cases a home inspection is mandatory, and many property buyers and sellers want the peace of mind that comes with these detailed inspections; giving both parties the confidence to move forward in the buying process!

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Our Team Approach to Property Inspection

At HomeTeam of South Pittsburgh, we take a team approach to your inspection. Instead of sending just one person, we send several qualified specialists who each focus on their area of expertise. This results in more accurate results in half the time. Our detail-oriented approach is reflected in the comprehensive report we provide you with when we are finished, equipping you with a thorough understanding of your property’s condition.

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The Best Home Inspection Company Near You!

We set ourselves apart from the competition by keeping you involved in the entire inspection process. From our transparent inspection process to our detailed reporting we are happy to discus with you, our neighborly approach to home inspections are what make us the best in Pittsburgh!

Why Choose a HomeTeam Inspector?

HomeTeam is dedicated to your safety and satisfaction. We are proud to be a Franchise 500 company and a Keller Williams 2020 Approved Vendor.

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