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How Technology is Changing the Home Inspection Industry


Technology has always been an important facet of business, but especially now more than ever! The home inspection industry is adapting to the new circumstances surrounding inspections. From virtual walkthroughs, to online scheduling, cloud-based software, and mobile apps, technology has benefited the home inspection industry tremendously.

Virtual Walkthroughs

Home inspection companies are navigating the world of virtual inspections through Google Duo and FaceTime. So how does this work, exactly? The inspector can simply record themselves as they’re completing the inspection, so the client can view it in real-time. Inspectors can choose to pre-record messages, or video chat with multiple individuals simultaneously such as the buyer, seller, their families, and team of inspectors. This is helpful when the client doesn’t feel comfortable attending the home inspection. Just because inspections aren’t being done traditionally, doesn’t mean they have to stop altogether.

Online Scheduling and Cloud-based Software

Home inspectors, including HomeTeam, are also relying on online scheduling to book many of their appointments. This is a convenient way for clients to schedule their inspection without having to leave their house or pick up the phone. The client will fill out a form with their preferred date and time of the inspection, give contact information, and share their address and any important information about their property. Cloud-based software is also used by HomeTeam’s TEAM of inspectors to collaborate during the inspection, thus performing the inspection in half the time!

Mobile App for Agents

HomeTeam utilizes technology like the personalized My HomeTeam Dashboard that lets agents view completed home inspections, create repair request lists, follow-up with contacts, and schedule appointments for clients. This can all be done via smartphone or tablet, making it easier for agents to monitor their client’s reports and other data on the go. Other features within the dashboard allow agents to text, call or email HomeTeam with the push of a button. Keeping track of client information on the My HomeTeam Dashboard is a great way to stay organized.

Technology is always changing, which is beneficial to creating new solutions to problems. HomeTeam uses the latest and most efficient technologies to provide great service to their clients. As the home inspection industry shifts, inspectors will too.