Energy Audits

Save Money—And the Environment

If you’re looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home or business, the first step is to find out which parts of your property use—or waste—the most energy. HomeTeam Inspection Service offers home energy audits that will examine, measure, and evaluate the factors that affect the energy usage in your home. We’ll then make recommendations and provide energy-saving opportunities.

An energy audit home inspection will help save you money and help the environment. Find an inspector near you.

A home energy audit is an important step in understanding how energy is being used in a home. It can help identify areas of energy waste and inefficiency, and can provide a roadmap for making improvements that can lead to energy savings. An energy audit can also help identify areas of your home that may not be up to current energy codes and standards, which can help you save money on energy bills and reduce your environmental impact.

During a home energy audit, a qualified energy auditor will inspect your home and inspect your heating and cooling systems, appliances, lighting, and more. They will check for air leaks, air infiltration, insulation levels, and more. They will also look for ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home, such as sealing air leaks, adding insulation, or replacing inefficient appliances.

After the energy audit is complete, the auditor will provide you with a comprehensive report that outlines their findings, provides energy efficiency recommendations, and suggests potential cost saving measures.

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Benefits of home energy audits include:

  • Increased comfort of your home
  • Decreased utility bills
  • Added value to your home after implementing the audit’s recommendations
  • Potential qualification for tax deductions
  • Reduced pollution and greenhouse gas emissions

What Is An Energy Audit?

Each home and business is unique and requires a different amount of electricity and power. Often, your property is using more energy than necessary, resulting in higher utility costs. Our team of experts will extensively assess your home’s energy usage and identify specific areas where energy efficiency can be improved.

We invite you to discover the HomeTeam difference.

Quality Inspections, Half The Time

What sets HomeTeam apart from other inspection companies? Instead of a single person, we send a team to provide your energy audit. This benefits our customers in several ways: It allows us to be more thorough while also completing the job much quicker.

Reach out to HomeTeam today to schedule your energy audit so that you can start saving. We are proud to be a Franchise 500 company.


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