An Efficient & Thorough Home Inspection in North DC

Before signing the papers for your new home, let us make sure it is in good condition. At HomeTeam Inspection Service, we have the expertise and training to assess the health of your house. Whether you want to buy or sell, you can rely on our home inspectors for a comprehensive assessment of your property. Move into your dream home--not a money pit! We’ll ensure everything is as it should be. Schedule a consultation today for a home inspection in North DC.

A Team Approach for Accurate Results

Everything works better when you have a committed and experienced team working together. That’s what makes our company so unique. HomeTeam has a team of qualified inspectors that work as one when providing services. This helps us to be more efficient and accurate. Due to our method, we are usually able to complete the inspection in half the time of a regular inspection.

Comprehensive Property Inspections

We don’t just give your home a “once over” when inspecting it. Instead, we provide wall-to-wall and floor-to-roof services. That’s because we understand how important it is to uncover potential problems before buying or selling a home. Once we complete the inspection, we then provide you with an easy-to-read, comprehensive report covering many important points inside and outside.

You’ve made a big investment in your home, or you plan to do so. Make the right choice by choosing HomeTeam Inspection Service. Our locally owned and operated business is known for our knowledgeable and professional home inspectors as well as our accurate reports.

Contact us to experience the HomeTeam difference! We proudly serve homebuyers, home sellers, and real estate professionals throughout North DC.

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Customer Testimonials

by Chelsea Clapp

The inspectors were on time (if not early), knowledgeable, and friendly. They also relayed information in a way that allowed me to understand what was going on. I felt they were incredibly thorough. They certainly made me feel confident based on the inspection of the property I purchased.

by J.C.

Everyone was completely thorough. It was great that HomeTeam was able to coordinate all inspections to be completed at the same time (insect, insurance, etc.). I just had to make one phone call and everything was done.

by C.R.

I like the team concept because everyone had their own area of expertise. They were friendly, competent and certainly on time!

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Fast. Trusted. Accurate. That's the HomeTeam Promise

Given the time and energy you've spent looking for your dream home, having absolute confidence that you've chosen the best home for you and your family only makes sense. HomeTeam can help give you that assurance. We take a team of inspectors to the home, and once on site, each team member focuses on his or her area of expertise. We're fast, we're trusted, and we're accurate. That's the HomeTeam promise.

At HomeTeam Inspection Service, we bring a team approach to home inspections. It's part of the HomeTeam difference. HomeTeam brings a team of inspectors onsite and together, our experts conduct a comprehensive, whole-house inspection--as a team, in about half the time. HomeTeam also employs leading web-based technology that allows you to schedule your home inspection online 24/7. And because our team approach is so efficient, HomeTeam can usually schedule your inspection within one day of your call. But that's not all; our advanced reporting software makes it possible for most reports to be available for download the same day as your home inspection, so everyone can make informed decisions quickly, with confidence.

For over 25 years, HomeTeam has been in the business of protecting families as they make one of the most significant decisions in their lives. You can expect our teams to arrive on schedule and provide a fast, thorough home inspection. After your home inspection is completed, you will receive a verbal introduction to the home and a comprehensive report containing information you will find valuable for years to come. We've worked hard to establish our proven reputation with realtors, homebuyers and home-sellers alike, and stand by our promise to provide a professional inspection every time.

HomeTeam applies a systematic approach to home inspections and provides detailed reports utilizing our advanced cloud-based software. We're careful to educate while we inspect and with our team approach, we cover the details with thoroughness and efficiency. Each inspector brings his or her particular area of expertise to the inspection, making the end result more accurate. You will be emailed a cloud-based report with informative pictures and a summary, so that you have the information you need to make a well-informed decision.

Discover the HomeTeam Difference

At HomeTeam Inspection Service, we use the team approach to home inspections. It’s part of the HomeTeam difference.

Each inspector on the team is called upon for his or her specific area of expertise. Together, our experts conduct a comprehensive whole house inspection in about half the time of a traditional inspection.

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