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Windstorm Mitigation Inspections

Are you familiar with the construction features of your home that will help it survive a windstorm? HomeTeam will verify these features, and you have not had an inspection yet on your current single-family home or Multi-Unit Dwellings (up to 4 units), it is extremely likely that you will save money on your current policy.

Due to many unfortunate instances of inspection fraud and abuse, carriers are now scrutinizing Windstorm Mitigation Inspection reports more closely than ever. Don’t gamble with your inspection - use the company the carriers trust.

We are the company that has an approved DBPR Continuing Education Provider/Instructor on our staff. Our “in house” Quality Control Agent will talk with your Insurance Agent through the insuring process.

HomeTeam guarantees that buyers will save more than the cost of our Windstorm Mitigation Inspection or we will refund the cost of the Windstorm Mitigation Inspection.

And if you take steps further mitigate your home; re-inspections within 6 months of your original Wind Mitigation Inspection are only $100.00. To request an appointment just fill out the online form or give us a call at (954) 543-0445.

Find Out How You Can Benefit from a HomeTeam Windstorm Mitigation Inspection

Windstorm mitigation inspections report on the windstorm resistance features of a home, building, or structure. These inspections were developed to save homeowners money on home insurance by crediting them for features that mitigate the amount of damage that may occur during a hurricane or strong windstorm.

Typically the reports and windstorm premium discounts* are based on an inspection of these 7 features:

  • Building Code (up to 86%)
  • Roof Covering (up to 11%)
  • Roof to Deck Attachment (up to 9%)
  • Roof to Wall Attachment (up to 35%)
  • Roof Shape (up to 47%)
  • Secondary Water Resistance (SWR) (% will vary)
  • Opening Protection (up to 44%)

*Discounts may vary based on your insurance policy and/or state regulations. Your insurance agent is best prepared to assist you in determining your eligibility for mitigation credits and discounts.

A windstorm mitigation inspection can help you protect your home from damage caused by severe weather and save you money on your home insurance. Several states, including Florida, require insurance companies to reduce rates for homes that have specific windstorm mitigation features that make them better equipped to withstand storms. Having a windstorm mitigation inspection on your home can help you reduce the costs of your insurance premium. In many cases, your windstorm mitigation report will be certified for 5 years after the inspection.

One Call Does It All. With one call you can schedule all available inspections and testing necessary for your area. Call (954) 543-0445 to learn more or schedule your inspection online.

Who is eligible for this discount?

Single-family homes and multi-family dwellings may be eligible for the credits and discounts. Mitigation premium discounts are based on seven different credit points that can only be determined by a certified windstorm mitigation inspector. Contact your insurance agent or local HomeTeam Inspection Service for more information.

How do I take advantage of the insurance discounts?

Call HomeTeam to schedule a certified inspector to perform a windstorm mitigation inspection on your home. We will inspect, photograph, and report the key features of the home that decrease the amount of damage that may occur during a hurricane or strong windstorm.

After the inspection, you will receive a report that verifies all the windstorm resistant features that will provide insurance credits for your home. Submit this report to your insurance company, who will then give you an estimate of your premium savings. Savings are based on the likelihood of your home to incur costly repairs if faced with a windstorm or hurricane.

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