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Pre-Listing Inspections in

The Importance of Pre-Listing Inspections in Kalamazoo, MI

Feel confident about putting your home on the market. Maybe you want to determine the health of a property before purchasing it. Make the right choice by getting pre-listing inspections in Kalamazoo, MI. HomeTeam Inspection Service checks everything to determine the health of a home. Our home want you to have peace of mind before selling or purchasing a home.

One Call Does It All. With one call you can schedule all available inspections and testing necessary for your area. Call (269) 742-4581 to learn more or schedule your inspection online.

You don’t want to discover problems with a property after you buy it or when you put it on the market. That leads to delays, more expense, and possibly canceled real estate transactions. Fortunately, we can save you the trouble and disappointment. For years, we have helped property owners avoid these problems by performing comprehensive and accurate inspections. Let us find any issues so you can address them before the sale.

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After completing the pre-sale inspection, our courteous professionals take time to explain everything. You’ll find that we do much more than hand you paperwork with complicated jargon. Instead, we give you a report you can understand. In addition, if you have any questions about the report, we’re happy to address them for you.

Some of the advantages of a pre-listing inspection include:

  • Ensures Faster Sale for More Money
  • Prevents Last-Minute Cancelations Due to House Problems
  • Protects You from Over-Valued or Under-Valued Home Estimates
  • Guarantees a Third-Party, Unbiased Opinion of Your Home

Contact us for a home inspection that eliminates any surprises. We proudly serve homebuyers, home-sellers, and real estate professionals throughout Kalamazoo, MI, and the surrounding areas.

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